Filing a trip plan

A trip plan is a boating itinerary that includes your travel route and a basic description of your boat. Trip plans are also referred to as sail or float plans. No matter what you call them, all recreational boaters are encouraged to file one before going out on the water – even if you are just planning to go out for an hour or two.

To use a trip plan:

  1. Write your plan using the Personal Boating Trip Plan Form.
  2. File your plan with a responsible person.
  3. When you finish your trip, let the person know you have returned. This cancels your trip plan.

Forgetting to cancel a trip plan can result in serious consequences. Search and Rescue may launch an unnecessary search, wasting time and resources.

More safe boating information

To make sure that you are prepared when going out on the water, schedule a free Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check. A trained boating safety volunteer will check your recreational boat and safety equipment, identify any problems, and discuss safety issues.
For general information on safe boating, contact the Office of Boating Safety or refer to the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide.


Safe Boating Guide
(PDF, 5.5 MB)


A version of the Personal Boating Trip Plan Form is found in the Safe Boating Guide (see page 73).