Oceans Network Canada – Smart Oceans Contribution Program

Name of transfer payment program

Oceans Network Canada – Smart Oceans Contribution Program

Start date

October 3, 2014

End date

March 31, 2017

Fiscal year for terms and conditions


Strategic Outcome

A clean transportation system

Link to department’s Program Alignment Architecture

Program 2.2: Clean Water from Transportation

Sub-program 2.2.1: Clean Water Regulatory Framework


The Program supports the recipient’s activities to operate its network of infrastructure in order to deliver data and data products for a wide-range of stakeholders for the purposes of marine safety, environmental monitoring and protection, and public safety.

Expected results

Help protect the coastal ocean environment by building a baseline of water quality data, ecosystem health indices and real-time sound-in-the-sea data in critical coastal areas.

Help improve marine safety by collecting data on ocean currents, waves, marine mammals and ships, and developing data products that communicate sea state, marine traffic and potential marine navigation hazards.

Fiscal year of last completed evaluation

Not applicable

Decision following the results of last evaluation

Not applicable

Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation


General targeted recipient groups

The sole eligible recipient of contribution funding under this program is Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), a not-for-profit entity created under the Society Act of the Province of British Columbia.

Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients

Not applicable

  Forecast Spending
2014–15 ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Total grants 0 0 0 0
Total contributions 4,200,000 7,400,000 8,400,000 0
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0
Total transfer payments 4,200,000 7,400,000 8,400,000 0