Outaouais Road Agreement

Name of transfer payment program

Outaouais Road Agreement

Start date

January 7, 1972

End date


Fiscal year for terms and conditions


Strategic Outcome

An efficient transportation system

Link to department's Program Alignment Architecture

Program 1.3: Transportation Infrastructure

Sub-program 1.3.3: Surface and intermodal infrastructure

Sub-sub-program Highway and other transportation infrastructure support


Contributions to the Government of Quebec for highway improvements made to enhance overall efficiency and promote safety while encouraging regional and industrial development and tourism in the National Capital Region.

Expected results

Advancement of capital projects included in the Outaouais Road Agreement.  The principle project for forecasted spending in 2015–16 is the Highway 5 project.

Fiscal year of last completed evaluation


Decision following the results of last evaluation


Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation

To be determined

General targeted recipient groups

Provinces and territories (the Government of Quebec is the sole eligible recipient under the Outaouais Road Agreement).

Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients

The Province of Quebec solicits funding from the federal government for eligible projects under this agreement. An agreement management committee is responsible for the management and administration of the agreement. 

  Forecast Spending
2014–15 ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Total grants 0 0 0 0
Total contributions 10,785,000 950,000 4,350,000 11,829,848
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0
Total transfer payments 10,785,000 950,000 4,350,000 11,829,848