Transportation Security Clearance Program

The Transportation Security Clearance Program prevents security threats and illegal interference with transportation systems.

To do this, the program carries out background checks on workers who:  

  • perform certain duties
  • have access to restricted transportation areas in airports or marine ports

These background checks determine whether a person is a risk to transportation security. If we get credible information showing that an applicant or pass holder is a security risk, we may refuse, suspend or cancel their clearance.

We conduct background checks along with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Any information we collect is protected by the Privacy Act.

The program has two parts: the Aviation Transportation Security Clearance Program and the Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program.

Aviation Transportation Security Clearance Program

The aviation program grants transportation security clearances to employees who need entry to restricted areas of listed airports.

Aviation employees must have a valid transportation security clearance to get a restricted area identity card.

Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program

The marine program reduces security threats by controlling entry into restricted areas of marine facilities and ports. Marine employees must have a valid clearance if they need access to restricted areas or do certain jobs.

This program includes a reconsideration process for employees whose clearance is denied, suspended or cancelled.

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Contact us if you have questions about:

  • the process we use to screen applicants
  • what you can do if your application is refused, suspended or cancelled
  • the acts and regulations that govern the program, and what we’re required to do when screening applicants