Pre-Load Air Cargo Targeting (PACT)

Transport Canada started the Pre-load Air Cargo Targeting (PACT) pilot to improve the security and screening capability of the supply chain used to transport cargo into Canada.

The results of PACT showed that the concept of using pre-loading advance cargo information (PLACI) to improve air cargo security was a success.

PACT is supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), World Customs Organization (WCO) and the global air cargo industry. It adds another layer of security to the cargo transport system.

It initially was a joint-venture between Transport Canada and Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA). Since 2015, Transport Canada has taken leadership of the pilot project.

Within the framework of TC’s Aviation Security Branch, PACT continues to cooperatively develop global PLACI guidelines with other countries. PACT uses the experiences of allied aviation authorities, customs agencies, and industry associations to make transporting cargo safe and secure.

PACT is working with partners and industry to test the use of new technologies in order to develop a dedicated portal. The portal will help Transport Canada communicate with the industry, improve data analytics and air cargo trend analysis.

Commercial civil aviation system is a symbolic and important target for terrorist groups. Hiding explosives in air cargo to avoid detection at screening checkpoints is a major concern for Transport Canada. The PACT pilot was started as a response to the 2010 Yemen bomb plot when two Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) were found on separate planes travelling from Yemen to the United States.

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