Projects funded under the Boating Safety Contribution Program

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2017/18 Recipients

Organization Location Project Funding
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) ON

MADD Canada will install approximately 425 signs across Canada between 2017 and 2019 that will advise Canadians to contact 911 if they notice drinking-and-boating activity.

MADD Canada will also update, reprint and distribute their safe boating brochure and post cards each year, develop a survey and distribute questionnaires to boaters across Canada that will collect data about boaters’ attitudes and behaviours toward impaired boating and the impact of the signs in year 3 and compare results with survey data compiled from their 2014-15 project and provide a report. The results will provide guidance on how to maximize the impact of education & outreach materials and drive behavioural and attitudinal change with respect to impaired boating.

MADD will additionally produce new English and French safe boating television public service announcements (PSAs) with an emphasis on impaired boating.

University of British Columbia BC

The University of British Columbia (UBC) will develop a social marketing campaign and conduct research related to awareness, attitudes and behaviours among recreational boaters in British Columbia.

Phase 1 – an epidemiological report will be generated about recreational boating injuries in BC, including the review of existing reports, lessons learned from prior project evaluations, market research and consultations with experts in the field. Based on these findings, UBC will develop a social marketing campaign to promote safe boating practices and behaviours.

Phase 2 – a campaign will be launched through television, newspapers, blogs, radio, ambient signage and other marketing approaches.

Phase 3 – public response from the campaign will be tracked and the campaign will be modified accordingly. UBC will generate a final report quantifying the campaign’s impacts. Results will be shared with other jurisdictions to promote best practices.


2019/20 Recipients

Organization Location Project Funding
Canadian Power and Sail Squadron National

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS) will build on the successes of their previous projects and continue with a three year National project to provide education on required safety equipment, the care and maintenance of that equipment and how to safely and effectively use flares when needed. In addition, they will raise awareness of the need to dispose of outdated flares in a timely and safe manner and to offer education and disposal events whereby individuals may return outdated flares to selected CPS and partnering retailers.

Nautisme Québec QC

The NAssociation Maritime du Québec’s (AMQ) three year project will target boaters to encourage them to adopt safe boating behaviour on and around water, with the goal of making safe boating practices a normal practice when boating. The project will focus around their existing “Suivez la Vague” campaign which includes four components:

  • Suivez la Vague pamphlets that includes boating safety tips that can be modified to include a specific lake or river across Québec;
  • Video clips about boating safety shared through facebook, website etc.;
  • Aluminium information signs with five boating safety messages available to all (marinas, sport federations, boat launches etc.); and
  • Educational program for kids that will evolve with the age of the kids.
Service national des sauveteurs QC

The Service national des sauveteurs’ three year project is an awareness campaign directed at young boaters to promote the compliance of boating safety regulations and safe boating practices and will take place throughout the province of Québec. The awareness campaign will be developed around social media messaging and will include a public service announcement in French and English to target popular boating activities and will be distributed to TV, social media, and posted on the SNS website.

University of Ottawa NWT

The University of Ottawa’s three year project will focus on adapting the Pleasure Craft Operator Course, the Cold Water Survival Course and the Alaska’s Kids Don’t Float Program to the regional needs of the Inuvialuit region. Boating safety events will be organized to deliver three modified training programs and for all of the courses, community members will be mentored to become instructors and boating safety equipment will be delivered.

Shuswap Lifeboat Society BC

The Shuswap Lifeboat Society will implement a one year awareness campaign to replenish items and supplies in order to continue delivering safe boating practices to the recreational boating enthusiasts in the Shuswap community and on the Mara and Shuswap Lakes, deliver school programs to eight schools, attend at least ten community events, conduct at least six safety inspections and maintain existing and install two additional Kid’s Don’t Float Kiosks.

Fraser Basin Council Society BC

The Fraser Basin Council Society’s one year project will deliver a safety campaign for the most needed water recreation safety issues and provide boating/water recreation safety equipment. They will design and deliver safety messages and campaigns via newspaper and magazine articles, paid advertising and social media; distribute rack cards/brochures at marinas, visitor centres and campgrounds; and install signs at popular beaches, boat launches and information kiosks.

They will also purchase marine safety whistles which will be distributed by safety partners (RCMP, BC Conservation Officers, Lake-based patrols etc.) and continue their partnership with Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue to build and equip new “Kid’s Don’t Float” lifejacket loaner stations.

Paddle Newfoundland Labrador PNR

Paddle Newfoundland Labrador’s three year project includes several activities which will assist its membership and the wider public to be prepared to safely paddle in the cold water environments of Newfoundland and Labrador. The project proposes to produce twice a year, their magazine “Ebb & Flow”, which contains a variety of articles related to paddling activities and safe paddling skills and awareness of environmental conditions. Under this project, off season presentations will be delivered and will detail safety tips, trip planning tips and lessons learned. Pool sessions will be offered in Gander and St. John’s and will provide paddlers with the opportunity to learn and improve rescue and handling techniques. Other activities proposed under this project are Safety Days which will aim at teaching and reminding the general public of basic safety while paddling and Annual Retreats which are planned each year to bring together kayakers and canoeists to acquire skills, receive training, and receive presentations from guest speakers.

Municipalité de Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard QC

The Municipalité de Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard’s one year project consists of a marine patrol that will deliver an education and awareness campaign on two popular lakes in Québec (Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Marie). The marine patrol will provide information and guidance to the public on boating regulations related to water sports and water safety and verify and replace buoys in “at risk” zones on both lakes as well as on the river that joins both lakes.

An information pamphlet as well as a video on boating safety will be developed and distributed. The pamphlet will include a map of both lakes including the river that joins the lakes with buoys, at risk zones, and reduced speed limit zones clearly marked. They will also have an information booth at two local events.

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District BC

The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District’s three year project contains two components. The first component consists of visiting local schools to promote recreational boating safety to children to bring awareness about the dangers of unsafe practices and the responsibility of having fun in the sun on the water. The second component will be a Sproat Lake Marine Patrol. The Marine Patrol will be located at the boat launch during expected peak volume and when not stationed at the boat launch, will patrol the lake. They will provide information and guidance to the public on boating regulations, water safety, etiquette, hazards, tourist information, as well as conduct Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check. They will also observe and report dangerous watercraft operations, offer assistance, observe on-shore activities, record and report incidents of concerns and collect and record water clarity and temperature at predetermined locations. Through this project, a Personal Flotation Device loaner station will also be available at the boat launch.

Association pour la protection du Lac Massawippi QC

The Association pour la protection du Lac Massawippi’s project is a continuation of a two-year funded project that aims at improving boater understanding and behaviour and instill a sense of self-responsibility and management for the education and awareness of boating safety related regulations and practices as well as the respect for the environment of the Lac Massawippi and its tributaries. A “calepin intelligent” notebook will be developed and will include the most updated information on boating safety which will be updated annually. This notebook will be posted online and paper copies will be available at municipal offices, boat launches and will be mailed to boaters. Bleu Massawippi will also continue promoting boating safety on land and on water with a Marine Patrol (students). Finally, they will attend conferences, meetings etc. to advertise their activities with the intent of nationalizing the project and will create a manual on self-responsibility and updated guide using the reports and research from both projects (Phase 1 and 2).


2020/21 Recipients

Organization Location Project Funding
Canadian Safe Boating Council National The “Better Boater” project is a 3-year national boating safety and social media outreach program that will provide a variety of boating information and education to boaters. $673,226
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary National This project will take place over a 3-year period and aims at reviewing, updating and adapting the wide range of written material and tools that CCGA volunteers use when attending boat shows or performing vessel courtesy checks. $385,000
Eau Vive Québec Québec This project will take place over a 3-year period and will focus on a paddle board awareness campaign on all waterways in Québec. $315,840
Plein Air Haute-Rouge Québec The purpose of this one-year project is to educate stakeholders and users to hazards related to the practice of non-motorized boating activities on rivers. $52,309
La Municipalité d’Ivry-sur-le-Lac Québec This project will take place over a 3-year period and aims to inform, educate, and promote boating safety and encourage effective ways to change the behaviours of boaters through public outreach activities. $114,170
Shuswap Watershed Council
C/O o Fraser Basin Council
British Columbia This one-year project aims to deliver a safety campaign addressing recreational boating  safety issues as well as providing boating safety equipment and continue their partnership with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue to build and equip new “Kid’s Don’t Float” lifejacket loaner stations. $20,550
Shuswap Lifeboat Society British Columbia This one-year project aims at replenishing items and supplies in order to continue delivering safe boating practices awareness to recreational boating enthusiasts in the Shuswap community and on the Mara and Shuswap Lakes. $5,925
Labrador Hunting and Fishing Newfoundland and Labrador The project will take place over a 3-year period and will focus on raising the profile of safe boating within Upper Lake Melville, targeting primarily youth and the hunting and recreational fishing community within central Labrador. $84,000

2021/22 Recipients

Recreational Boating Safety Component

Organization Location Project Funding
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) National Report Impaired Boating – Call 911 $196,316
Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada National Online mapping of drowning incidents in recreational boating across Canada $396,000
Canada Power and Sail Squadrons National CPS-ECP Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check $30,300
Boating BC Association British Columbia Boat Safe BC: Safe Boating Education & Awaremess Campaign $300,000
Kelowna Yacht Club British Columbia Okanagan Boating Safety Program $243,929
Charleston Lake Association Ontario The BASS Initiative (Boater Awareness of Safety System) $24,207
Service de sécurité incendie de la Vallée de la Rouge Québec Awareness Boating Patrol $24,102
Ville de Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Québec Safe Boating Awareness Campain $109,850
Ville de Boucherville Québec Enhancement of actions towards boating safety awareness and education in Boucherville $394,505
Municipalité de Saint-Paul-de-l’Île-aux-Noix Québec Le Refuge de l'Île $9,126

Small Vessel Safety Component

Organization Location Project Funding
Nova Scotia Community College Nova Scotia Collision Prevention: Engage, Innovate, Educate $200,000
Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council Nova Scotia Advancing Safety at Sea $149,644
Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Navigational Safety Awareness Campaign $154,820
The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq Nova Scotia Mainland Mi’kmaq Boat Safety Project $103,960
BC Seafood Alliance doing business as Fish Safe BC British Columbia Preventing Collisions and Ensuring Safe Navigation within the Pacific Coast Small Vessel Fishing Fleet $200,000
Heiltsuk Tribal Council British Columbia Small Vessel Safety Program for Hailzaqv (Heiltsuk) Territory $58,124
Gwabalis Fisheries Society British Columbia Gwabalis Fisheries Society Commercial Fishing and Small Vessel Safety Awareness Project $62,501
Boating BC Association British Columbia Sharing BC’s Waterways: Small Vessel Safety Education and Outreach Campaign $75,000
Arctic Research Foundation Arctic Arctic Small Vessel Safety Program $150,000
Manitoba Métis Federation Manitoba Manitoba Métis Federation Small Vessel Operator Safety Initiative $74,429
City of Saskatoon Fire Department Saskatchewan Boat Safe Saskatoon $200,000
École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec Québec Responsible Maneuver: a token of safety for all $200,000
Inuvialuit Reginal Corporation Arctic Improving the safety of Inuvialuit small boaters in response to the increasing numbers of large vessel traffic in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region $199,690
Datum Marine Services Ltd British Columbia Nuu-chah-nulth Youth Marine Safety Training Program $47,244

2022/23 Recipients

Projects funded under the Boating Safety Contribution Program

Recreational Boating Safety Component

Organization Location Project Funding
Paddle Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador "Riding the Wave" - A Proposal to Improve and Increase Paddling Safety among New Paddlers $65,755
Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador Improving the Use of Floatation and Emergency Signaling Devices in Newfoundland and Labrador $254,100
Service national des sauveteurs Inc. Quebec Awareness campaign on water safety rules $262,500
Conseil de gestion durable du lac Saint-Jean Quebec Enhancement of boating safety awareness and education tools on Lac Saint-Jean $68,610
Bleu Massawippi Quebec Lake Accessible - The ABCs of Boating for Universal and Safe Access $50,048
Boating Ontario Association Ontario Boating Ontario: Boating Safety Education Awareness Campaign $247,652
Inuvialuit Settlement Region Northwest Territories Promoting safe boating practices for recreational boaters in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region $165,150
Boating BC Association British Columbia Improving Safety on our Shared Waterways - An Education & Outreach Campaign for Recreational Boaters in BC $75,000
Shuswap Lifeboat Society British Columbia Enhancing Recreational Boating Safety in the Shuswap Region of British Columbia $18,654
Shuswap Watershed Council British Columbia Safe Boating and water-based recreation in the Shuswap $22,900
Marine Education and Research Society British Columbia Essential Boater Safety - Reducing risk of collision with whales through an online course $165,012