Part IV: Filing Requirements

Part IV - Filing Requirements

23. Filing Requirements with the Department

23.1 A railway company shall file railway schedules with the Department. Any changes to the railway schedules shall be filed by the railway company with the Department within thirty (30) days of implementation.

23.2 A railway company shall file with the Department, procedures/work instructions, and all amendments, for:

  1. No.1 brake test,
  2. Vehicle assisted No. 1 brake tests,
  3. Brake tests of trains having a supplementary source of air supply at a location other than the head end locomotives,
  4. Train brake testing device calibration,
  5. No.1A brake test, including the audit protocol used by the railway to ensure compliance,
  6. Continuity test,
  7. Running brake test,
  8. Train information braking system tests,
  9. Single car test,
  10. Locomotive functional brake test,
  11. Calibration of locomotive brake pipe flow indicator/metre,
  12. Portable locomotive control device tilt test and modified tilt test,
  13. Reporting of brake system failures,
  14. Control and protection of a movement of cars and locomotives with damaged or inoperative brakes due to damage,
  15. Control and protection of a movement of cars or locomotives with inoperative brakes at the rear of the train, due to damage en route, when no other option exists,
  16. Movement of 18 cars or less with less than ninety-five (95) percent of operative brakes,
  17. Scale and test car movements,
  18. Repairs to air brake components,
  19. Updating of the train brake status system,
  20. Air pressure feed valves adjustment, and
  21. A brake system or a safety control failure or malfunction en route which cannot be readily corrected.
  22. Procedure to follow when a brake system component found to have been tampered with en route.
  23. Locomotive out of service record and return to service tests.

23.3 A railway company may operate trains with advanced technological/operational improvements provided that the testing and operating procedures have been filed with the Department, sixty (60) days prior to testing or placing in service, and the results of the railways risk assessment is provided with the submission.

23.4 Museum train operations shall be filed with the Department thirty (30) days prior to its being placed in service.