Child car seat clinics and other resources

Many child car seats are not installed correctly. If you are not sure you have installed your child car seat correctly, there may be a child car seat clinic in your community that can help.

A child car seat clinic is an opportunity for you to learn from a trained child car seat technician:

  • which seat is appropriate for your child
  • how to correctly install your child car seat in your vehicle
  • how to position your child in the child car seat

There is no national network of car seat clinics, but sessions are held across Canada by a variety of organizations. Provinces and territories regulate the use of child car seats within their borders. Your local police or fire department may have information about child car seat clinics in your area.

Child safety and road safety organizations

The following are links to Canadian websites related to child safety and road safety organizations involved with child safety in vehicles:

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Contact Motor Vehicle Safety

Telephone: 1-800-333-0371 (toll-free), 613-998-8616 (Ottawa-Gatineau region)