Britax Convertible infant/child car seats – replacement of HUGSTM chest pads

TP 14566 — Public Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2012-P07 E
November 6, 2012

Road Safety
Information: 1-800-333-0371

Britax Child Safety, Inc.
13501 South Ridge Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273 USA

Britax Child Safety Ltd.
P.O. Box 7289, RPO Brunswick Square
Saint John, NB E2L 9Z9

Consumer Contact:

Media Contact:
Demetra Bernard 1-704-409-1687

Models and Model Numbers Affected:

Boulevard 65-G3 E9LK11A (Onyx), E9LK11M (Caitlin). E9LK11S (Silver Birch), E9LK13P (Zebra), and E9LK13S (Aztec)

Pavilion 65-G3 E9LK41A (Onyx), E9LK41Q (Cowmooflage), E9LK42D (Blueprint), E9LK42Z (Sophia), and E9LK43Q (Biscotti)

Advocate 65-G3 E9LG91A (Onyx), E9LG93N (Serene), E9LG93P (Zebra), E9LG93X (Opus Gray), and E9LG93Y (Anna)

Dates of Manufacture:
June 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012 inclusively

Number of Units:

Geographic Distribution:
Across Canada


Britax Child Safety, Inc. has determined that Boulevard 65-G3, Pavilion 65-G3, and Advocate 65-G3 convertible infant/child car seats manufactured between June 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012 contain a defect that relates to safety.

HUGSTM (Harness Ultra-Guard System) chest pads are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash, reducing the risk of head injury. The affected car seats were manufactured with this enhanced harness system that incorporated a softer more pliable, non-toxic HUGSTM pad intended to provide increased performance and comfort. Britax has received reports that some children bite or chew on the pads and have bitten off small pieces of the pads, which could present a choking hazard, especially in infants.

Britax has received a total of three reports in the U.S. that children have bitten off and gagged on small pieces of the pads. No similar reports have been received to date from Canadian consumers by Britax nor Transport Canada. No reports of injury or harm have been received.

Consumer Recourse:

All registered owners and retail outlets with affected car seats will be sent a letter explaining the situation, and a remedy kit. The remedy kit contains two replacement HUGSTM pads that are made from a firmer, more durable material that will not break apart when children chew or bite the HUGSTM pads, as well as an instruction sheet for replacing the pads.

Non-registered owners of affected car seats, or owners who have moved, should contact Britax Child Safety, Inc. Customer Service Department at their toll-free number (1-888-427-4829) to receive a repair kit free of charge. Detailed instructions concerning this notice are also available online at

Britax indicates that until the remedy kit is received and the replacement HUGSTM pads have been installed, the HUGSTM pads can be removed so as to eliminate the hazard and the car seat can be safely used without HUGSTM pads, but extra care should be given to proper harness tensioning.

Once the remedy kit is received, the replacement HUGSTM pads should be installed in accordance with the instructions so as to ensure maximum performance of the car seat. The affected car seats should not be returned to the retailer.