Diono Cambria, Hip & Jet booster seats – non-compliance with flammability requirements

Motor Vehicle Safety
Information: 1-800-333-0371

TP 14566 – Public Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2017-P03 E
May 17th, 2017



Diono, LLC
c/o Aspen Services Group, LLC.
16141 Cleveland Street, Suite C(109)
P.O. Box 86
Redmond, WA 98073-0086
Phone: 253-268-2500
Fax: 253-268-2505


Importer and distributor:

Diono Canada ULC
50 Northland Road
Suite 400
Waterloo, ON
N2V 1N3


Consumer contact:

Customer Service: 1 866-954-9786
Email: dionoCA@diono.com

Media Contact:
Oliver Vicente 253-268-2500


Models affected:

Model Name: Cambria
Model Number: 310000
Item Numbers: 31010-CA / 31010-CA-02, 31120-CA-02, 31110-CA, 31030-CA-02

Model Name: Hip Backless Booster
Model Number: 221250
Item Numbers: 23552-CA-01, 23551-CA-01, 23350-CA-01

Model Name: Jet Backless Booster
Model Number: 221200
Item Numbers: 22750-CA-01, 22751-CA-01


Dates of Manufacture:

2016-04-22 to 2016-12-31


Number of Units:



Geographical Distribution:

Across Canada



Diono Canada (Diono) and Transport Canada wish to inform the public of a non-compliance involving certain Diono Cambria, Hip and Jet booster seats. The fabric pad of the affected booster seats do not conform to the flammability requirements indicated in the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seats Safety Regulations.

Safety Risk:

Transport Canada’s compliance testing program revealed this concern and notified the company. The company was able to determine that for the range of manufacturing dates indicated above, the fabric pads have a burn rate exceeding the regulatory requirement. In the case of a vehicle fire, the fabric pad may not self-extinguish or may burn too quickly, accelerating the spread of the fire.

Company Action:

Diono has altered their assembly process to ensure that all required fabric meets the flammability requirements and that quality assurance (QA) checks are conducted more frequently. All retailers will be advised on what is to be done with the affected units. Diono will also contact all registered owners with instructions on how to obtain the replacement fabric pads for the affected restraint systems, free of charge.

Consumer Recourse:

Parents and caregivers should contact Diono as soon as possible to obtain a replacement fabric pad. All non-registered consumers or consumers who have moved are encouraged to contact Diono Canada, ULC by email or by phone for instructions on obtaining the replacement fabric pad. The affected seats should not be returned to retailers or the company. Diono is advising parents to continue using their seat until they receive their replacement fabric pads.