Fisher Price Safe Voyage 3-in-1 – harness position clarification

Motor Vehicle Safety
Information: 1-800-333-0371

TP 14563 – Consumer Information Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2014-C01 E
March 31, 2014


Rue du claret
38230 Charvieu-Chavagneux

Importer and Distributor:

5514 Km Corporation
109 Vanderhoof Ave, Unit 6
Toronto, ON M4G 2H7

Consumer Contact:

Local: 416 422 4515

Toll-free: 1 855 422 4515


Models Affected:

Fisher Price Safe Voyage Grow-with-Me
Model Number: FP3000C

Dates of Manufacture:

November 30 2012 – August 27, 2013

Number of Units:


Geographic Distribution:

Across Canada


Transport Canada and 5514 KM Corporation would like to advise consumers of an instruction manual revision affecting a certain number of Fisher Price Safe Voyage Grow-with-Me restraint systems.

Specifically, the revised instructions clarify the correct positioning of the shoulder harness to help prevent potential misuse. While some paragraphs correctly state that the harness strap should be routed through the slots at or just above the shoulders, several other paragraphs in the instruction manual omit the word “just” and simply state “at or above the shoulders.”

Safety Risk:

During Transport Canada’s compliance testing program, the harness was installed incorrectly (too high), and the acceleration felt by the upper thorax of the test dummy exceeded the allowable limit of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. An investigation by TC and 5514km revealed that the lower harness slots should have been used and that this test was not a valid compliance test. However, TC and 5514KM Corporation are concerned that parents and caregivers may incorrectly route the harness straps too high above the child occupant’s shoulders, which could result in excessive forces being felt by the child in a vehicle crash.

Company Action:

5514KM Corporation has revised the instruction manual to ensure that all paragraphs clearly state that the harness straps should be at or just above the shoulders of the child occupant. Furthermore, they have redesigned their graphics to more clearly illustrate the proper harness strap routing:






All registered consumers will be notified of the publication of the new instruction manual and will be provided instructions regarding how to obtain a copy.

Consumer Recourse:

Parents and caregivers can continue to use the affected Fisher Price Safe Voyage Grow-with-Me restraint systems safely so long as the harness straps are adjusted at or just above the shoulders of the child occupant. All non-registered consumers or consumers who have moved are encouraged to contact 5514km Corporation by phone at (416) 422-4515 (toll-free at 1 (855) 422-4515) or by email at: for instructions on obtaining the revised instruction manual. The affected restraint systems should not be returned to 5514KM Corporation or to the retailer.