Monterey booster cushion – incorrect English language warning label and missing date of manufacture information

TP 14566
Public Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2008-P05 E
October 7, 2008

Road Safety
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Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products
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Consumer Contact:
Tel: 1-888-597-0992

Models and Model Numbers Affected:
Monterey Booster Model C15000

Dates of Manufacture:
August and September 2008

Number of Units:

Geographic Distribution:






Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products and Transport Canada wish to inform the public of two non-compliance conditions, pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Cushion Safety Regulations (RSSR) with respect to the Monterey booster cushion, Model C15000.

  1. The first non-compliance condition relates to the English language warning label that states the weight and height use specifications in Imperial units followed by the International System of Units (ISU (metric)) in parentheses. This label should read the ISU units first with the Imperial units following in brackets. The weight and height specification ranges are not in question. The French language label is not affected.
  2. The second non-compliance condition is the omission of the Date of Manufacture information which is required to be indelibly moulded into or onto every booster cushion, or indelibly printed on a label affixed to it in a permanent manner, in both official languages.

Safety Risk:

Use of the booster cushion is not affected with respect to either the incorrect order of the weight and height ranges or the missing Date of Manufacture information, as there is a serial number on every booster that can be tracked in the event of a future Public Notice.

Background and Company Action:

The non-compliant label was identified by Transport Canada during a conversation with the manufacturer. The importer identified the missing Date of Manufacture information when the first shipment of product arrived in Canada.

Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products was informed immediately of the non-compliant English language warning label. The importer stopped shipment of the product to the retail outlets from their warehouse and discovered that the Date of Manufacture information was also missing. The retail outlets that had received stock from the importer were requested to stop sales of the units until they had received and affixed the new English language warning label and the Date of Manufacture label.

The company has reprinted both the English language warning label and the Date of Manufacture label which will be affixed to the booster cushions at the importer's warehouse and at the retail outlets before sale.

Consumer Recourse:

As this is a new product for Canada, it is unlikely to have any significant retail sales at this time, however, for those that have been sold, the consumer should contact the importer at the toll free number (1-888-597-0992) to receive both labels free of charge.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: July 3, 2008