Reminder: It's important to properly install child car seats

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TP 14563 – Consumer Information Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2016-C03 E
November 8, 2016


Have you checked your child car seat lately?

Since 2002, we have required all Canadian passenger vehicles to have lower universal anchorages systems (UAS) installed in some rear seating positions. Why? Because they make it easier to install infant and child car seats.

It is important that you install and use child car seats properly for them to perform well in a collision. We recommend you read both the child car seat and vehicle owner's manuals to learn how to correctly install your child's car seat in your vehicle.

If you cannot find complete instructions in these manuals, and your child weighs 18kg (40 lb) or more, we recommend you install the child car seat using both the UAS (if equipped) and vehicle seat belt, together with the top tether anchor when your child seat is installed forward-facing.

Important Notes:

  1. Your model of child seat could have its own restrictions. Always contact the manufacturer directly if you have any concerns about installation guidelines;
  2. Always use the top tether anchor when a child car seat is installed forward-facing;
  3. Never use a child car seat when your child weighs more than the maximum weight listed on its label; and
  4. If you are tempted to move your child to the next stage early (for example moving a child from facing the rear to facing forward), don't. Research shows this may pose an increased safety risk to the child.

Visit the Choosing a child car seat or booster seat page to:

  • learn when to make this move;
  • find information on child safety in your vehicle.

To request more information about child safety, please contact us:

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