Adaptive driving beam


The vehicle's headlight dims as it passes an oncoming vehicle so that it avoids blinding the oncoming driver.

How this technology works

Adaptive driving beams automatically adjust to the presence of vehicles and/or to road conditions by dimming or increasing a vehicle’s headlight beams. When sensors detect other vehicles on the road, it selectively dims or turns off some of the lights.

This system makes pedestrians and cyclists easier to see at night and helps prevent crashes by increasing the light on unoccupied areas of the road.

By adapting to the road conditions, this system can reduce glare for drivers in nearby vehicles while also providing better visibility for the driver.


Most systems use LED lights to automatically adapt to changing road conditions, depending on the objects ahead of a vehicle.

Other names for this technology

  • Adaptive headlights
  • Adaptive beam assists
  • Adaptive lighting assists
  • Automatic driving beams

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • These systems are designed to help you drive, they don't replace your attention and judgement
  • If this system is available on the vehicle you’re driving, read the vehicle’s manual to learn more about this system, including its abilities and limits