Advanced forward lighting systems

How this technology works

Advanced forward lighting system is a term used for lights that can automatically adapt to changing driving conditions. There are different types of advanced forward lighting systems:

  • Adaptive front lighting: change the direction and pattern of the beams based on traffic and the vehicles steering and speed
  • Cornering lights: shine light 90-degrees in either direction when the vehicle is turning at an intersection
  • Auto-dimming headlights: automatically switch from high to low beams when the system detects lights from an oncoming vehicle
  • Adaptive driving beam: these lights function like high-beams but will not blind other vehicles by selectively extinguishing part of the lights.
The car’s headlights automatically follow the curve of the road as it goes around a corner.

The car’s headlights automatically follow the curve of the road as it goes around a corner.


The car is turning right at an intersection. Its right headlight illuminates the intersecting road so that it can see the route it will take.


The car’s headlights are dim as it approaches an oncoming vehicle and then return to brightness once an oncoming vehicle has passed.


Part of the car’s right headlight dims as it passes an oncoming vehicle so that it avoids blinding the oncoming driver.


  • Most systems require the driver to turn the adaptive lighting switch to the automatic setting

Other names for this technology

  • Adaptive front lighting
    • Curve adaptive headlights
  • Auto-dimming headlights
    • Automatic high beams
    • Adaptive high-beam systems
    • High beam assist
    • High beam control systems
  • Adaptive driving beam
    • Automatic driving beams

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • These systems are designed to help you drive. They don't replace your attention and judgement
  • You should read your owner's manual to learn about your vehicle's system, including its capabilities and limits
  • Always use caution when driving at night or when visibility is limited. Even with advanced lighting systems, it may be difficult to detect vulnerable road users and to judge vehicle speeds and distances. Be careful not to overdrive your headlights (not being able to stop inside the illuminated area ahead).

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