Accreditation of certification bodies

Based on feedback from stakeholders, both hardware and software/smartphone apps must be tested and certified by a third-party certification body accredited by the Minister of Transport.

The changes to Section 79 of the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations (the Regulations) allow certification bodies to apply for accreditation so that they can test and certify electronic logging devices (ELDs). Transport Canada has partnered with Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Canada's national accreditation body, to develop and implement the accreditation scheme for electronic logging device certification bodies. Transport Canada is the certification scheme-owner.

Transport Canada established an Electronic Logging Device Certification Stakeholder Advisory Committee to engage with industry on the testing and certification scheme. Together Transport Canada, Standards Council of Canada, and the advisory committee will:

  • maintain an open and transparent process;
  • inform the development of the certification scheme;
  • act as a forum for device providers, potential accredited certification bodies, the Standards Council of Canada, and Transport Canada; and
  • discuss issues related to the testing and certification scheme.

If you are an electronic logging device manufacturer or supplier, accredited certification body or certification body-applicant, member of a provincial/territorial government agency, or a representative of a national industry association and you want to join the ELD Certification Stakeholder Advisory Committee, please email us:

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Get accredited by the Standards Council of Canada

Before applying for electronic logging devices accreditation from Transport Canada, Standards Council of Canada accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065 (Conformity Assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services) electronic logging device scheme is required. Transport Canada is not directly involved in the ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation. The certification body must work directly with Standards Council of Canada, meeting all obligations required by the accreditation. All costs associated with ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation is the responsibility of the certification body.

To apply for ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation or to add the electronic logging devices scheme to your existing scope, contact the Standards Council of Canada.

The following documents can help you with your application:

The Standards Council of Canada will use technical experts to assess your application to:

  • confirm your knowledge of the Technical Standard (the Standard) and the Regulations
  • assess your testing methodology and the anticipated results of that methodology

Once the application review and assessment is completed, the Standards Council of Canada will provide the certification body with an Accreditation Report which will be required to apply for section 79 accreditation.

Send an application for section 79 accreditation to Transport Canada

Email to request a copy of the Application for Electronic Logging Device Certification Body Accreditation and the Guidance Document for Electronic Logging Device Accreditation Program.

Send your completed application form and the Standards Council of Canada Accreditation Report to

Get your results

Once your application package is received, it will be expeditiously reviewed and you will be notified once a decision is made. Accreditation is valid for five years, unless it’s suspended or cancelled.

Once you're accredited

If you’re accredited, your name will be included in our registry of accredited certification bodies. Electronic logging device manufacturers/providers will use the registry to find an accredited certification body to test and certify their device, software or app.

Your responsibilities as a certification body

Each section of the Standard has requirements that could require simulations, bench-top or in-vehicle testing. The test procedures will test against the requirements in the technical standard and help to make sure tests are comprehensive and consistent, regardless of who is doing them. You must test electronic logging devices using the test procedures provided by Transport Canada.

Once a device is certified, you must give the vendor a unique certification number that they will incorporate into the certified software.

You will need to keep an official registry of the devices that you certify on your website. As a certification body, you maintain overall authority on the certification status of each model. If there are new device certifications or changes to certification status, including non-conforming status, you must inform Transport Canada within seven days.

As required by the ISO/IEC 17065 electronic logging device scheme, the certification body must conduct surveillance activities to make sure that electronic logging devices continue to comply with the Standard and the Regulations. Electronic logging device scheme surveillance activities include re-testing a minimum of 25% of the test procedures on each device annually, with no repeat tests over the course of a four year cycle. If there are known issues and/or concerns, additional tests may be added to the testing.

In most cases, you are responsible for determining the criteria for recertification. Re-certification is usually focused on dealing with the specific requirements that have been changed.