Certification of electronic logging devices

Both electronic logging device (ELD) hardware and software/smartphone apps must be tested and certified by a third-party certification body accredited by the Minister of Transport.

If your company makes devices or software or you are an ELD reseller, you will need to make sure that your solution conforms to the Technical Standard (the Standard) and the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations (the Regulations).

The Electronic Logging Device Test Procedures will be used to certify your device.

Transport Canada established an Electronic Logging Device Certification Stakeholder Advisory Committee to engage with industry on the testing and certification scheme. Together Transport Canada, Standards Council of Canada, and the advisory committee will:

  • maintain an open and transparent process;
  • inform the development of the certification scheme;
  • act as a forum for device providers, potential accredited certification bodies, the Standards Council of Canada, and Transport Canada; and
  • discuss issues related to the testing and certification scheme.

If you are an electronic logging device manufacturer or supplier, accredited certification body or certification body-applicant, member of a provincial/territorial government agency, or a representative of a national industry association and you want to join the ELD Certification Stakeholder Advisory Committee, please email us: MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca.

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Where to find an accredited certification body

Please check the registry of accredited certification bodies.

You can start the testing and certification process by picking an accredited certification body and entering into an agreement with them. You’re responsible for any costs related to testing and certification.

Electronic logging devices must only be tested and certified by an accredited certification body.

After your device is certified

Once a device is certified, the certification body will give you a certification number. This must be embedded in your software in the appropriate data field.

After your electronic logging device is certified, you must inform your certification body about any updates or changes that you make to the device. The certification body will tell you what your next steps should be.

Your certified device will form part of a list of certified electronic logging devices on Transport Canada’s website. This list may be used by motor carriers and road-side enforcement for verification purposes, however the certification body maintains the overall authority over the certification status of each model. Please contact the certification body directly for specific model enquiries.

The list of certified electronic logging devices will include each device’s:

  • vendor name
  • product model name and number
  • version of the technical standard that it complies with
  • software version
  • certification body name
  • certification date
  • certification number
  • certification status
  • Information to confirm if the device supports mechanical engines, an engine control module, or both
  • Information to confirm if the device supports variable start time or midnight-only start time

Transport Canada will provide notifications for certified electronic logging devices regarding any revisions to the Standard, test procedures, Regulations or guidance documents. Your certification will have to meet the new requirements, including possible re-certification related to the revisions and the date by which time all certified ELDs must meet the requirements. Transport Canada or your certification body will advise you if action is required.