Zero-emission vehicle charging stations

We understand that the availability of charging stations is a concern when purchasing a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV). To lessen this concern, we are providing funding for the continued expansion of the network of ZEV charging stations in locations such as:

  • multi-unit residential buildings
  • workplaces
  • public places; and
  • on streets

Support is also available for strategic projects for electric vehicles (EV) and/or hydrogen infrastructure for:

  • corporate fleets
  • delivery fleets; and
  • mass transit

The iZEV Program funding complements the Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative which is supporting the creation a coast-to-coast fast-charging network along the national highway system, natural gas refuelling stations along key freight corridors and hydrogen refuelling stations in city centres.

As of April 2021, Natural Resources Canada has approved projects that will build 1,089 electric vehicle fast-chargers (460 are open to the public), 22 natural gas stations (9 are open) and 15 hydrogen stations (5 are open). They have also approved 33 demonstration projects to address technological gaps and barriers to the introduction of electric vehicles, like:

  • developing charging options for public transit, multi-residential units, and people without dedicated parking
  • dealing with grid integration issues; and
  • improving the functionality of network management systems for electric vehicle infrastructure

Under the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, as of April 2021, Natural Resources Canada has approved projects that will result in the build out of 4,169 Level 2 chargers (37 are open to the public), 387 direct-current EV fast-chargers and 44 proprietary chargers.

Electric charging and alternative fuelling stations locator

See the map below for public electric charging stations.

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