Zero-emission vehicle charging stations

We understand that the availability of charging stations remains a concern for many Canadians when purchasing a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV). To address this barrier, the Government is providing funding for the continued expansion of the network of ZEV charging and refuelling stations where Canadians live, work and play. Funding is available for EV charging in:

  • multi-unit residential buildings
  • workplaces
  • public places
  • on streets; and for
  • commercial fleets

The current goal of the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program is to support the deployment of 33,500 EV chargers and 10 hydrogen refuelling stations.

NRCan's Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative, which has now ended supported a coast-to-coast of over 1,000 fast-chargers along the national highway system, 21 natural gas refuelling stations along key freight corridors and 15 hydrogen refuelling stations in city centres.

Under both programs, as of April 2022, Natural Resources Canada has approved projects that will build over 25,000 electric vehicle chargers, 22 natural gas stations and 19 hydrogen stations, with many more to come.

In support of the Government's objective of adding 50,000 ZEV chargers to Canada's network, Budget 2022 also provides an additional $400 million to NRCan for deploying zero emission vehicle infrastructure, complemented by $500 million that Canada's Infrastructure Bank will invest in large-scale ZEV charging and refuelling infrastructure that is revenue generating and in the public interest.

Electric charging and alternative fuelling stations locator

See the map below for public electric charging stations.

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