CanRAP Feasibility Study

Prepared by:
G. Ho Engineering Consultants Inc. in association with de Leur Consulting Ltd., Tarek Sayed, P.Eng. and Clark Lim, P.Eng.



Executive Summary



The International Road Assessment Program was formed in 2006 as an umbrella organization for road assessment work in Europe, Australia and the United States and aims to reduce road casualties by improving road infrastructure safety and raising public awareness of the importance of road conditions with respect to road safety.

A road assessment uses a systematic analysis of road segments to identify locations where effective countermeasures can be deployed to improve their road safety performance and it aims to:

  • Reduce deaths and serious injuries on roads, by assessing the risk on roads and identifying major safety shortcomings, which can then be addressed through education, enforcement, and/or engineering measures.
  • Support planning and strategic decision making for road improvements by identifying countermeasures that provide maximum return on investment using a benefit/cost analysis tool.
  • Move to a network-wide safety management approach for roads. Track performance for effective road safety countermeasures and conduct overall program evaluation.
  • Inform motorists of the level of safety of the roads on which they travel or plan to travel.

The Canadian Road Assessment Program Feasibility Study tested the technical viability of instituting a Canadian Road Assessment Program, using data from the three provinces in western Canada. The two reports described below comprise of components of the technical study.

The report entitled “Data Collection & Analysis” describes in detail, the methodologies and technologies used by the International Road Assessment Program ( iRAP ), and Road Assessment Programs in Australia ( AusRAP ), Europe ( EuroRAP ) and the United States ( usRAP ). This report also provides a summary of the workshops and assessment of the data quality and availability from the three western provinces.

The report entitled “Establish CanRAP Methodology” describes the methodology for a potential CanRAP , which would follow the international programs’ protocols and principles. The report also discusses various issues relating to the methodologies, and offers a number of enhancements to the methodologies to better suit Canadian conditions and practices. Results of a preliminary pilot test using British Columbia data was also included as part of the report.



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