Transport Canada uncovers potential dangerous defect in Toyota RAV4



  • The 2011 RAV4 on the right of the image is moving at a speed of 65 km/h when it collides with the 2011 GMC Sierra pick-up truck travelling at 56 km/h coming from the left.
  • There are two dummies representing an average size man (red jacket) and a small woman (blue T-shirt) in the rear seat.
  • At impact the dummies continue to move forward, loading and stretching the seat belts.
  • The lower portion of the lap belt, close to the door slides over a steel edge on the seat frame. Because the belt is under a high load, it tears and separates.


Photo of belt separation for passenger seat located behind the driver
Photo of seat structure (black sharp metal edge) responsible for causing seat belt separation.

Image videovideo