Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

A. All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Name of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Status Expected Completion Date
Horizontal Audit of Transport Canada’s Grants and Contributions Programs Compliance Planned 2014–15
Organizational Classification Internal Control Planned 2014–15
Staffing and Recruitment Internal Control Planned 2014–15
Governance Framework Governance Planned 2014–15
Privacy/Protection of Information Internal Control Planned 2014–15
Security Clearances Internal Control Planned 2014–15
Quality Assurance Practices for Oversight Programs Internal Control and Compliance Planned 2014–15
Follow–up Audit of Transportation of Dangerous Goods Compliance Planned 2014–15
Budgeting and Forecasting and Links to Integrated Planning and Reporting Governance and Internal Control Planned 2015–16
Readiness Assessment Financial Management Transformation Governance and Internal Control Planned 2015–16
Vehicle Fleet Management Internal Control Planned 2015–16
Investment Planning Internal Control Planned 2015–16
Detroit River International Crossing Project Compliance Planned 2015–16

B. All upcoming Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

Program Proposed Title of Evaluation Planned Evaluation Start Date Expected Completion Date
3.1.3 Aircraft Services Evaluation of the Airports Capital Assistance Program September 2013 2014–15
1.1 Transportation Marketplace Frameworks Evaluation of the Policy Function March 2014 2014–15
2.1.2 Clean Air Initiatives Evaluation of the Next Generation of Clean Transportation Initiatives March 2014 2015–16 Highway and Other Transportation Infrastructure Support Evaluation of the Contribution to the Province of Prince Edward Island for Policing Services in Respect of the Confederation Bridge March 2014 2014–15
3.3.3 Rail Safety Awareness and Grade Crossing Improvement Evaluation of the Payments in Support of Crossing Improvements Approved Under the Railway Safety Act June 2014 2014–15
3.1.1 Aviation Safety Regulatory Framework Evaluation of the Danish/Icelandic Joint Financing Agreements for Civil Aircraft (DEN–ICE) September 2014 2014–15
3.1.1, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, 3.4.1, 3.5.1 Aviation Safety Regulatory Framework, Marine Safety Regulatory Framework, Rail Safety Regulatory Framework, Motor Vehicle Safety Regulatory Framework, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulatory Framework Evaluation of the Regulatory Function October 2014 2014–15 Surveillance of the Aviation System Evaluation of the Surveillance of The Aviation System March 2015 2014–15
3.9.2 Emergency Preparedness and Situation Centres Evaluation of the Emergency Preparedness and Situation Centres March 2015 2014–15
3.1 Aviation Safety; 3.2 Marine Safety; 3.4 Motor Vehicle Safety Evaluation of Transport Canada’s Registration Programs March 2015 2015–16
1.3.3 Surface and Intermodal Security Evaluation of Surface and Intermodal Security March 2015 2015–16
2.2 Clean Water from Transportation Implementation Review of the Ship–Source Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Regime March 2015 2015–16
3.1 Aviation Safety Evaluation of the Grant to the International Civil Aviation Organization for Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Program September 2015 2015–16 Rail Passenger Stewardship and Support Evaluation of the Rail Passenger Stewardship and Support March 2016 2015–16