Appointment Opportunities

Transport Canada offers a variety of careers in a number of disciplines. Job opportunities are available on There you will find the application process including how to apply for a job in the federal public service and employment information for students and recent graduates.

In addition to Transport Canada, the Minister of Transport is responsible for appointments to over 50 organizations. Positions available within these organizations include board members, chairs, and chief executive officers appointed either by the Minister of Transport or the Governor in Council. The Government ensures these appointments are founded on an open and transparent, merit-based selection process that results in the appointment of high-quality candidates that reflects Canada’s diversity.

Governor in Council Appointment Opportunities

Governor in Council appointments are made by the Governor General, on the advice of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada (i.e., the Cabinet). The Minister of Transport is responsible for recommending appointments to the following organizations:

  • nine Crown corporations;
  • 18 Port Authorities;
  • the Canadian Transportation Agency;
  • the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada;
  • the Ship-Source Oil Pollution Fund;
  • the Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods; and
  • the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.

Opportunities for Governor in Council appointments can be found on the Privy Council Office website.

Ministerial Appointment Opportunities

The Minister of Transport is responsible for appointing harbour masters and wharfingers as well as for appointments to the following organizations:

  • 21 Airport Authorities;
  • NAV CANADA; and
  • the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.

For more information on the selection process, please see the Current Selection Processes

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