Implementation schedule: Safety management systems

Implementation: Accomplishments to date

Today, Canada's largest passenger air carriers and their related aircraft maintenance organizations operate with SMS policies, processes, procedures and systems in place. In 2008 and 2009, SMS regulations for airports and air navigation services providers came into force. These organizations have been gradually introducing SMS into their operations, building the various elements of safety management systems in a logical manner.

Next steps

Completing current SMS implementation: airports and air navigation services providers

Transport Canada inspectors will assess SMS implementation at airports and air navigation services providers in 2012 and 2013 to verify compliance with Canadian regulations.

Conducting an assessment of extending SMS

Before putting in place SMS requirements for other sectors, Transport Canada is conducting an assessment to identify areas requiring attention and to verify that its inspectors and the industry are ready for this extension.

SMS regulations are in addition to the pre-existing regulations and Transport Canada verifies that companies comply with all regulations.


For those sectors that do not have SMS regulations, Transport Canada continues to verify that companies comply with existing regulations.