Degree-specific holdover time (DSHOT) database

The Degree-specific holdover time (DSHOT) database contains an expanded set of snow precipitation holdover times (HOTs), including very light snow, light snow and moderate snow. The information is presented in Excel format.

This applies for all Type II, III and IV anti-icing fluids listed in the HOT Guidelines.

Request a Copy of the DSHOT Database

To receive the database, you will have to provide a valid e-mail address when prompted. Request a copy of the DSHOT database.

About the DSHOT database

The DSHOT database is an extension of the HOT Guidelines. Guidance and conditions on the use of the DSHOT database are found in Advisory Circular (AC) 700-061.

In accordance with conditions in AC 700-061, air operators implementing the use of the DSHOT database within their operations must update their aircraft ground icing programs (GIP) for use of its data.

The HOT Guidelines and the DSHOT database are updated at least once a year.

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