Update or renew your aviation document booklet

Important notice: As of September 2016, aviation document booklets are now being issued with a 10-year validity. Please read the Aviation Document Booklet Validity Notice for more information.

The aviation document booklet holds an aviation professional’s permits, licences and medical certificates.

How to update your booklet

When you first apply for and receive your aviation document booklet, all your current permits, licences and medical certificates should be printed in the booklet on the right pages.

Any permits, licences or medical certificates you get after you receive the booklet will be mailed to you as labels.

Put any new labels in in your booklet. Follow the instructions that come with the label.

How to renew your booklet

No later than 90 days before your booklet is due to expire (see the expiry date on page one), apply for a new booklet:

  1. Follow the steps under "How to apply" in Apply for an aviation document booklet.
  2. Transfer any relevant information from pages 13 and 14 of your old booklet to those pages in your new booklet.

Whether you keep your old aviation document booklet or not, make sure you protect the personal information contained in it.