Aviation Document Booklet Validity Notices

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Effective November 2023 - Redesign of Aviation Document Booklet (ADB)

Transport Canada has changed the supplier of Aviation Document Booklets (ADB) resulting in some changes in the design. There has been no change to the function or content of the booklet, so you may continue using it exactly as you are accustomed to. These booklets will begin to replace the old style as we run out of stock and should be seen in circulation by November 2023. All ADBs will remain valid past their expiry date as per exemption NCR-023-2023. Current exemptions can be searched for here. However, if you do receive a new ADB, your previous one becomes invalid.

You will notice the following changes in the booklet’s construction:

  • Stapled binding compared to woven.
  • 90-degree edges instead of the current rounded edges.
  • Slight differences in page and ink colour.

Effective September 2016 - Ten year validity

Since September, 2016, the Aviation Document Booklet (ADB) has been issued with a ten year validity period instead of the five year validity in use since the inception of the ADB.

This will be of great benefit to both the licensed pilot community and to Transport Canada as it will substantially reduce the cost and time involved in the issuance of an Aviation Document Booklet, as well as double the time between renewal applications for pilots.

Pilots who hold a level 4 operational language proficiency will still be issued ADBs with a five year validity based on the language exam date. 

Between January 2017 and May 2018, Transport Canada began back-issuing ADBs to those who received an ADB with a five year validity directly prior to the changeover to a 10 year validity. If you receive a new ADB and your validity period is still ongoing, then this is part of that re-issue process.

In rare cases, a recent medical renewal by your Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) may not yet be in Transport Canada’s database and as a result the new ADB will not show your recent renewal date.

In this case, retain your old ADB if your medical validity is current. Most pilots will be unaffected but if you have medical validity remaining in your old ADB, you should retain your old ADB until such time as you have a medical and have your new booklet updated. Pilots can also visit their Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner and get their medical renewal stamp included in the new booklet, which will keep the medical validity the same.

In the rare event a pilot uses all of the space provided in the ADB for licence, permit and medical labels prior to the booklet’s validity date expiry, a new booklet will be issued upon request.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

  • Q – Will the application process for an ADB still be the same?

    A – Yes. The only thing that will change is the validity period, from 5 to 10 years as calculated by our database program.

  • Q – Will there be a cost associated with the new, extended validity ADB?

    A – At this time there is no cost for the initial issue or renewal of an ADB.

  • Q – I am the holder of a level 4 language proficiency. Why will my ADB continue to have a 5 year validity from the language exam date and not the new 10 year validity?

    A – This is a direct result of the requirement for level 4 language proficiency holders to go no longer than 5 years without demonstrating their proficiency. Only 5% of licensed Canadian pilots hold a level 4 proficiency. If this is problematic, it is highly suggested that effort is made to obtain a level 6 proficiency. Further information regarding language proficiency may be found at: https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/licensing-pilots-personnel/getting-aviation-language-proficiency-demonstration.

    If you need more information, please contact your regional office: https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/civil-aviation-contacts-offices.