Pavement Bearing Strength Reporting

Aircraft Load Ratings

With the publication of TP 312 5th Edition – Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices and to align with international practice, the standard method for pavement bearing strength reporting is the ICAO Aircraft Classification Number - Pavement Classification Number (ACN-PCN) method. Aircraft Classification Numbers (ACN's) are available from the aircraft manufacturers.

Airports certified to previous editions of TP 312 are encouraged to use the ACN-PCN methodology specified in TP312 5th Edition.  The historical Transport Canada Aircraft Load Rating/Pavement Load Rating (ALR/PLR) system will be phased out by September 2018.  Refer to Advisory Circular (AC) 302-011 for a methodology to derived PCN codes from existing PLR data.  The table of Aircraft Load Ratings (ALR’s) currently available for downloading will not be updated.

Download Table of ALR (46 KB)