Operating airports and aerodromes

Maintaining safe runways, reporting an incident, land use, airport terminal accessibility, list of airports.

Services and information

Maintaining safe runways

Lighting and marking, preventing runway incursions and excursions, managing airport "hot spots."

Report an incident affecting airport or aerodrome safety

How to report an incident that affects (or could affect) airport or aerodrome safety.


Managing noise from aircraft

Predicting, measuring and controlling aircraft noise, inquiring about noise from aircraft.

Controlling wildlife near airports and aerodromes

Controlling wildlife, reporting bird/wildlife strikes, developing an Airport Wildlife Management Plan.


Recommendations for land use near aerodromes

Securing telecommunications, protecting aerodrome surfaces, maintaining flight path visibility.

Airport zoning regulations

List of federal airport zoning regulations (AZR), airport zoning maps, proposed amendments.


Air navigation obstacle marking and lighting

Obstacle marking and lighting, how to report an incident at a cell tower or aviation obstacle.

Accessibility standards for passenger terminals

Standards of airport terminal accessibility for persons with disabilities.


Apply for Airports Capital Assistance Program funding

Determining funding eligibility, applying to the program, completing requirements if selected.

List of airports owned by Transport Canada

List of small airports owned by Transport Canada and airports in the National Airports System and their service standards.