Aerodromes Standards and Recommended Practices - TP 312

5th edition published on July 31, 2015 with an effective date of September 15, 2015.


These standards complement subpart 302 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). They set out requirements such as:

  • physical characteristics
  • obstacle limitation surfaces
  • visual aids
  • some technical services the aerodrome operator at a certified land aerodrome (airport) provides to support aircraft operations

Other standards, established under Part III of the CARs form part of the overall safety specifications to satisfy the requirements of aerodrome certification.

Who this document is for

  • Aerodrome operators
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) employees

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Recommendations and other guidance information contained in previous editions may be found in Transport Canada’s Advisory Circulars, or ICAO Annexes and Aerodrome Design/Service Manuals.

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