Airport zoning regulations

What are federal airport zoning regulations?

Airport zoning regulations (AZR) restrict the heights of buildings, structures and objects (including natural growth, such as trees) on regulated land. Legislation allowing for AZRs is found in section 5.4 of the Aeronautics Act.

Transport Canada may enact AZR in order to:

  • protect aircraft from hazards (e.g., bird strikes and electronic signal interference)
  • protect existing airport operations (e.g., airspace management and emergency response )
  • ensure that future development near an airport stays compatible with the safe operation of aircraft and of the airport itself

Lands within the airport boundary are under the control of the airport operator and do not require AZR. Since Transport Canada certification requirements normally extend beyond airport boundaries, AZR apply to surrounding off-airport land.

For AZR to be enacted, one of the following must apply:

  • An airport certificate is in force at the airport.
  • The land in question is designated as an airport site.

Airport zoning regulations and maps

Proposed airport zoning regulations and recent amendments