ASL instructor’s corner

The purpose of the ASL instructor’s corner is for instructors to share past instructing/teaching experience with the ASL readership.

Submitted articles can be addressed to a variety of readers, instructors, student pilots, private pilots, and glider, ultra-light or commercial pilots. In fact, this issues’s article is for any type of student that an instructor may encounter in the course of their career, whether it be for a licence or a rating. The most important thing is that, at the end of the article, a lesson has been learned.

Your submissions can be as basic as attitude and movement for private pilot training, to night rating, multi-IFR or seaplane rating, teaching tips for instructors. It can also be tips to increase aviation safety or to be better prepared for a flight.

It’s up to you, as long as you have your instructor’s hat when you’re writing your piece.

If you would like to submit an article or would like more information, please send an email to the following address:

Thanks to Michael Schuster for the first article of this series. —Ed.