IFR phraseology guide


In collaboration with its aviation partners, NAV CANADA has released three aviation phraseology guides: the VFR Phraseology Guide in 2015, the Ground Traffic Phraseology Guide in 2018, and the IFR Phraseology Guide in 2019.

The VFR Phraseology Guide is a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference guide offering examples of best practices for pilot-controller communications and recommended phraseology to enhance pilot safety.

The Ground Traffic Phraseology Guide targets airport operators and maintenance engineers and provides guidance primarily for vehicle traffic operating on aerodromes.

The IFR Phraseology Guide concentrates on communications involving IFR flight and is intended for flight schools and airline operators to provide greater insight and understanding of the communications provided by air traffic control. It also provides best practices and relevant examples.

The guides are available in both official languages on the NAV CANADA website.

The purpose of these documents is to provide a training tool to flight schools, airport operators, and aviation stakeholders to enhance communications and improve aviation safety. They are the product of a collaborative initiative between NAV CANADA and its aviation partners, including Transport Canada, airlines, flying clubs, airport authorities, and other aviation-related organizations, and are the result of extensive input from NAV CANADA Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Service Specialists.

Over the years, miscommunication has been recognized as a cause or contributing factor in operating irregularities and continues to be a challenge. It is our goal to provide a robust communication environment for everyone, and hopefully, these phraseology guides will assist in making aviation in Canada safer.