1.1 Air Operator Indoctrination

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify and describe the air operator's corporate structure and the administrative requirements of the operation relating to crew members.


Air Operator Specific
Flight Attendant Specific

1.1A Air Operator Specific

1.1A.1 Outline the corporate history.
(Use of guest speakers from various departments would enhance the presentation.)

1.1A.2 Define the corporate mission statement and goals.

1.1A.3 Describe the organizational structure with emphasis on reporting authority. Clearly show the organizational link between pilots (Flight Operations) and flight attendants.

(Corporate visual aids and tours of facilities, where possible.)

1.1A.4 Identify the type and scope of the operator's operations, e.g., regional, international, charter, commuter, etc.

1.1A.5 Describe the corporate alliances and their impact on the operation.

1.1A.6 Describe the air operator's fleet and route structure.

1.1A.7 Identify the location of facilities and bases and the operational tasking carried out at each (e.g. maintenance base).

1.1A.8 Outline the operators' future plans.

1.1B Flight Attendant Specific

1.1B.1 Describe the administrative requirements relating to flight attendants (e.g. assignments, duties, documentation).

1.1B.2 Describe any crew member union/contractual obligations.

1.1B.3 Identify the operator's policies and procedures relating to flight attendants (e.g. discipline, expectations).