1.2 Regulatory Overview

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the international and national aviation regulatory bodies and describe the legislation relating to crew members.


Regulatory Overview

1.2A Regulatory Overview

1.2A.1 Identify international and national aviation regulatory authorities and describe their role especially as they relate to crew members. Describe how flight attendants are required to comply with international regulations and penalties for breach of these regulations (e.g. company vs. individual liabilities).

1.2A.2 Identify other regulatory authorities that crew members may be in contact with and describe their role in aviation (e.g. Customs, Police, Immigration, Health, Drug Enforcement, Agriculture).

1.2A.3 Describe the aviation regulatory system in Canada and how it functions to draft regulations and standards, ensure compliance and investigate accidents and incidents.

1.2B Legislation

1.2B.1 Identify and describe the legislation governing air crew in Canada.

1.2B.2 Identify the trends in the industry (e.g. Open Skies, mergers, harmonization).

1.2B.3 Identify historic legislation in cabin safety and describe its effect on aviation safety (e.g. fire protection, minimum crew).

1.2B.4 Identify other sources of regulatory guidance and compliance requirements.

1.2B.5 Identify and describe the specific regulations applicable to crew members and cabin safety including but not limited to:

  1. Seat Belts and Related Restraint Systems;
  2. Life-Saving Equipment (e.g. life rafts, life preservers, survival kits);
  3. Oxygen Equipment;
  4. First Aid Kits;
  5. Minimum Equipment Lists;
  6. Floor Proximity Lighting;
  7. Take-Off and Landing Stations;
  8. Infant - definition;
  9. Minimum Crew Requirements;
  10. Passenger Safety Briefings
  11. Passenger Safety Briefing Cards;
  12. Surface Contamination Training;
  13. Carry-on Baggage;
  14. Aircraft Journey Log/Cabin Log Book (or equivalent);
  15. Liquor/Drugs;
  16. Fuelling With One Engine Running;
  17. Survival Equipment;
  18. Duty Time Limitations - Flight Crew/Cabin Crew;
  19. Crew Rest - Flight Crew/Cabin Crew;
  20. Designated Crew Rest Areas/Policies;
  21. Flight Attendant Manual as part of Company Operations Manual;
  22. Non-Smokers Health Act;
  23. ELTs and Fire Extinguishers;
  24. Stowage of Equipment and Supplies;
  25. Seatbacks and Chair Table Positioning.