2.2 Crew Members

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to describe their legislated roles and responsibilities relating to their duties and in the interest of aviation safety.



2.2A General

2.2A.1 Describe the responsibility of crew members to maintain knowledge of all safety and emergency procedures relating to their duties.

2.2A.2 Identify the requirement for crew members to perform their duties in accordance with approved procedures.

2.2A.3 Outline crew member responsibilities to ensure all flight documentation, publications, manuals are up to date and readily available onboard and that crew members are familiar with their contents. Flight Attendants are required to ensure that:

  1. A Record of Revisions is in the Flight Attendant Manual tracking the amendments received and when they were inserted into the Flight Attendant Manual; and
  2. All amendments are reviewed and inserted in the appropriate section of the Flight Attendant Manual and not in their issued format (e.g. stapled, cello-wrapped).

2.2A.4 Identify the responsibility of crew members to report any onboard safety concerns to the pilot-in-command.

2.2A.5 Identify the requirement to keep all documentation relative to flight duties up to date at all times (e.g. passport, security pass).

2.2A.6 Outline crew member responsibilities to ensure that all equipment is available, in good working order, and properly secured when not in use.

2.2A.7 Identify the responsibility of crew members to report unserviceable equipment following established company procedures.

2.2A.8 Identify the requirement for crew members to successfully complete required training and maintain qualifications.

2.2A.9 Define the chain-of-command and describe the authority of the pilot-in-command and describe their importance relating to flight safety.

2.2A.10 Describe the responsibility to be aware of the duties and responsibilities of other crew members and be prepared to assume those duties, if necessary.

2.2A.11 Define the procedure regarding attending and participating in crew briefings.

2.2A.12 Define what is meant by "person carried for the completion of non-safety related duties" who are not qualified Flight Attendants. Describe the function they perform when assigned on a flight, activities they may/may not be assigned, and identification to differentiate them from other crew members as per Operations Specifications. Include:

  1. Trainees on familiarization or line indoctrination flights; and
  2. Public relations assignments (e.g. crew from "partner" air operators, translators, etc.).

2.2A.13 Identify the importance for crew members to be constantly alert and therefore prepared to handle any abnormal/emergency situation as it may occur.

2.2A.14 Identify the responsibility of the crew members to comply with and enforce regulatory requirements.

2.2A.15 Describe crew member uniform policies.

2.2A.16 Identify the importance of the uniform as an identifier, especially in abnormal and emergency situations and the air operator's policy regarding the wearing of the uniform in an emergency.