2.3 Transport Canada - Aviation Inspectors

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to describe the roles and responsibilities of Transport Canada Civil Aviation and its Safety Inspectors.



2.3A General

2.3A.1 Identify the types of regulatory control Transport Canada Civil Aviation exercises in areas of aviation safety.

2.3A.2 Outline the authority of Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors to inspect the operations of air operators. Describe the actions they may take if non-conformances are identified.

2.3A.3 Describe the types of inspectors that crew may come into contact with in addition to Cabin Safety Inspectors (e.g. Civil Aviation Inspectors, Dangerous Goods, Airworthiness, Security).

2.3A.4 Describe the types of inspections that may be carried out by Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors.

2.3A.5 Describe the procedure for the in-charge to advise the pilot-in-command whenever an Inspector has identified him/herself as being onboard, and conducting an inspection (Transport Canada Official Inspector Credentials).

2.3A.6 Define the requirement for Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors to provide official identification. Describe the forms of identification that may be presented on the aircraft whenever a pre-flight or in-flight inspection is conducted (Transport Canada Official Inspector Credentials).

2.3A.7 Identify the circumstances under which a Transport Canada Inspector could occupy a flight deck observer seat or a flight attendant jump seat.