3.1 Crew Coordination

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the components of crew coordination, its importance to operational safety and ways it may be achieved.


Crew Coordination

3.1A General

3.1A.1 Describe the importance of common terminology and the "one crew concept" in maintaining flight safety.

3.1A.2 Describe the importance of crew members being aware of other crew member's duties, responsibilities, workloads and expectations.

3.1A.3 Outline the importance of pre-flight briefings to share relevant flight and safety information, outline expectations and develop communication channels.

3.1B Crew Coordination

3.1B.1 Describe the importance of crew coordination when applying approved procedures, especially in abnormal and emergency situations

3.1B.2 Outline the benefits of crew coordination on working environment and morale and the positive effect this has on flight safety.

3.1B.3 Define the one crew concept and list ways this may be achieved.

3.1B.4 Identify how poor crew coordination has contributed to aircraft accidents and incidents and outline strategies to improve crew coordination.