3.11 Fuelling with Passengers Onboard

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the regulatory requirements regarding fuelling with passengers onboard and the procedures established for this situation for each aircraft type in the air operator's fleet.


Crew Responsibilities

3.11A General

3.11A.1 Describe fuelling and how fuelling may or may not occur (e.g. overwing refuelling and refuelling with an engine running).

3.11A.2 List the potential hazards associated with fuelling aircraft to occupants and the aircraft.

3.11A.3 Identify the types of fuelling procedures, which require that passengers and crew be off-loaded, and why the potential hazard is greater.

3.11A.4 Describe the procedures and precautions for fuelling with passengers onboard.

3.11A.5 Define what is meant by designated evacuation exits during fuelling and the associated procedures on each aircraft type in the air operator's fleet.

3.11B Crew Responsibilities

3.11B.1 Identify crew responsibilities and communication when fuelling with passengers onboard.

3.11B.2 Describe the fuel leak or spill procedures and identify the communication and coordination procedures crew members are responsible for.

3.11B.3 Describe the procedures whenever fumes are detected in the cabin including crew communication and the decision to deplane passengers.