3.12 Pre-Take-off and Pre-Landing

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify safety procedures associated with take-off and landing.


Crew Responsibilities
Abnormal Situations

3.12A Crew Responsibilities

3.12A.1 Identify cabin, galley and passenger safety checks.

3.12A.2 Identify when crew members are required to violate the sterile flight deck rule. Describe the safety related information that should be conveyed and the requirement to be clear, concise, specific and timely.

3.12A.3 Define "silent review" and identify the components, when it must be done and who is required to complete it.

3.12B Abnormal Situations

3.12B.1 Define "rejected take-off" and describe the associated procedures.

3.12B.2 Define "missed approach" and describe the associated procedures.