3.15 Turbulence

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify turbulence classifications, hazards, and the procedures for ensuring passenger and crew safety during periods of inflight turbulence.


Crew Responsibilities

3.15A General

3.15A.1 Describe turbulence classifications (e.g. light, moderate, severe, as published in A.I.P. Canada).

3.15A.2 List the potential hazards to aircraft, crew and passengers associated with turbulence.

3.15B Crew Responsibilities

3.15B.1 Identify the importance of crew communication and coordination in conditions of turbulence and associated procedures.

3.15B.2 Describe safety advice to passengers during turbulence.

3.15B.3 Outline the crew procedures and responsibilities to ensure that passengers comply with crew member directions and crew member compliance with the regulation.