3.16 Crew Member Incapacitation

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify crew member incapacitation procedures.


Pilot Incapacitation
Flight Attendant Incapacitation

3.16A General

3.16A.1 Identify the possible causes of incapacitation (e.g. illness, injury, death, physical and mental incapacitation).

3.16A.2 Identify the impact on flight safety of an incapacitated pilot or flight attendant associated with different aircraft types operated by the air operator.

3.16A.3 Identify the preferred locations for relocating incapacitated crew members as appropriate to the aircraft type.

3.16A.4 Identify how and where to secure an incapacitated crew member for landing or during periods of in-flight turbulence.

3.16A.5 Identify the pilot and flight attendant communication procedures to advise of crew member incapacitation.

3.16B Pilot Incapacitation

3.16B.1 Identify the assistance flight attendants will be required to provide in the flight deck of a two pilot aircraft.

3.16B.2 Describe the procedures for assisting an incapacitated pilot.

3.16B.3 Describe and demonstrate the procedures for administering first aid oxygen to an incapacitated pilot.

3.16B.4 Describe the procedures for removing an incapacitated pilot from the flight deck.

3.16C Flight Attendant Incapacitation

3.16C.1 Identify the crew coordination procedures to ensure that the emergency duties of the incapacitated flight attendant are assumed, and who is responsible for this decision.

3.16C.2 Outline the procedures associated with incapacitated flight attendants.