3.5 Safety Checks

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the importance of cabin and passenger safety checks and will define what is meant by the aircraft minimum equipment list.



3.5A General

3.5A.1 Identify the importance of safety checks and their impact on flight safety. Describe the procedures applied to complete cabin and passenger pre-flight, in-flight and pre-landing safety checks.

3.5A.2Identify the logbooks which are required on the aircraft and unserviceable tags. Identify the procedures for recording information in them including when and by whom entries are to be made. Identify the types of items which would not be logged.

3.5A.3 Define what is meant by the Minimum Equipment List and identify the cabin items which are included.

3.5A.4 Identify the conditions which may have airworthiness implications and which should be brought to the immediate attention of the pilot-in-command (e.g. cracked windows, damaged door seals, excessive water spills or leaks, obvious structural damage).

3.5A.5 Identify the procedures for reporting, removing and repairing all unserviceable items.