3.8 Carry-On Baggage

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define what is meant by carry-on baggage and will describe the procedures for accepting and stowing carry-on baggage and any applicable restrictions.


Passenger Carry-on Baggage
Crew Carry-on Baggage

3.8A Passenger Carry-on Baggage

3.8A.1 Describe carry-on baggage policies and procedures with respect to approved storage areas.

3.8A.2 Identify the safety implications of improperly stowed carry-on baggage.

3.8A.3 Identify the crew responsibilities for ensuring that all carry-on baggage is correctly stowed when required and prior to door closing.

3.8A.4 Describe the operator's procedures for dealing with carry-on baggage that cannot be correctly stowed.

3.8A.5 Outline the operator's policies and procedures for the carriage of live animals in the passenger cabin.

3.8A.6 Identify the effects of carry-on baggage on weight and balance as applicable to the aircraft type operated by the operator.

3.8A.7 Describe the approved procedures for accepting and restraining seat-loaded baggage and cargo in the passenger cabin, and approved devices/equipment for accomplishing this.

3.8A.8 Describe the requirement to keep the exit areas clear and free from obstructions, such as carry-on baggage.

3.8A.9 Describe the requirement to maintain clear access to emergency equipment.

3.8A.10 Describe safety precautions for cabin personnel when opening overhead bins, and when handling items of carry-on baggage in order to prevent personal injury.

3.8B Crew Carry-on Baggage

3.8B.1 Describe the policies and procedures for stowing crew baggage in the passenger cabin including accepting baggage from deadheading crew.

3.8B.2 Identify the crew carry-on baggage stowage locations for each aircraft type.