3.9 Electronic Devices

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to define what is meant by electronic devices, and describe policies and procedures for their acceptance and use onboard aircraft.



3.9A General

3.9A.1 Define "electronic devices".

3.9A.2 Identify the electronic devices most likely to be carried onboard aircraft.

3.9A.3 List the potential hazards to flight safety associated with these electronic devices.

3.9A.4 Describe the company policy/procedures relating to electronic devices and list exceptions to these regulations.

3.9A.5 Describe the conditions under which onboard phones provided by the operator are approved for use.

3.9A.6 Identify the safety concerns associated with the use of "walkman" type headsets during critical phases of flight, abnormal operations, boarding, deplaning and while walking across an open apron.

3.9A.7 Outline the notification process to passengers regarding the use of electronic devices onboard aircraft and who is responsible for advising passengers.

3.9A.8 Describe crew responsibilities for monitoring passengers to ensure that only acceptable electronic devices are used onboard and that passengers comply with the conditions of use.