6.1 Galleys

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify the components of the galley and describe the operations and procedures relating to their use.



6.1A General

6.1A.1 Identify the potential hazards resulting from spills, leaks and unsafe work practices in galleys and describe the procedures for dealing with them.

6.1A.2 Describe what is meant by "galley water shut-off valves" and identify the associated crew member responsibility.

6.1A.3 Identify the crew procedures for dealing with any electrical malfunctions in the galley.

6.1A.4 Where lower deck galleys are located, include the following:

  1. Policies and procedures relating to lower deck galleys;
  2. Maximum number of persons allowed in the lower deck galley;
  3. Communication procedures with lower galley crew member; and
  4. Escape routes from the lower deck galley.

6.1A.5 Identify the procedures relating to the use of lifts (e.g. cart-lifts, dumb-waiter), how and when they are to be operated, safety features, and alternate procedures if lift becomes unserviceable.