6.2 Galleys

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the components of the galleys and describe the operation and procedures relating to their use.



6.2A General

6.2A.1 Identify the components of the galley (e.g. ovens, trolleys, electrical panels).

6.2A.2 Describe the operation of each of these components.

6.2A.3 Identify the safety procedures associated with each of the galley components.

6.2A.4 Identify the safety implications of "safe work" practices in the galleys and ways to achieve this.

6.2A.5 Identify the potential hazards of spills and leaks in galleys and describe the procedures for dealing with them.

6.2A.6 Describe what is meant by "galley water shut-off valves" and identify the responsibility of crew members regarding these.

6.2A.7 Identify the function of circuit breakers in electrical panels and describe the procedures for tripped circuit breakers including reset and crew communication procedures. Describe the potential hazards to flight safety if circuit breaker procedures are not followed.

6.2A.8 Identify the crew procedures for dealing with any electrical malfunctions in the galley.

6.2A.9 Describe the procedures for reporting unserviceabilities in the galleys and who is responsible for reporting them. Include the importance of communicating this information to the new crew in case of a crew change.

6.2A.10 Identify the types of restraint devices in galleys (and in the cabin for galley equipment). Identify the restraint devices for portable equipment (e.g. trolleys/carts, etc.). Include descriptions on how to use them, when they are to be used and who is responsible for securing galley equipment. Describe the procedures and precautions for securing trolleys/carts and galley equipment in case of in-flight turbulence.

6.2A.11 Identify the procedures for securing galley curtains and the position they must be secured in for take-off and landing and at station stops with passengers onboard.

6.2A.12 Identify the approved stowage for excess galley equipment and supplies, especially during take-off and landing, and the approved location for garbage. Include the importance of keeping exit areas and emergency equipment stowage clear of obstruction and accessible.

6.2A.13 Where galleys are located on the lower deck include the following:

  1. Policies and procedures relating to lower deck galleys;
  2. Maximum number of persons allowed in the lower deck galley;
  3. Communication procedures with lower galley crew members; and
  4. Escape routes from the lower deck galley.

6.2A.14 Identify the procedures relating to lifts (e.g. cart-lifts/dumb-waiter) how and when they are to be operated, safety features, alternate procedures if lift becomes unserviceable.

6.2A.15 Describe the circumstances when galley power may be disrupted (e.g. during engine startup/shutdown, aircraft movement on the surface).