6.6 Oxygen Systems

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to recognize the components of the fixed oxygen systems and be able to use the systems effectively in any onboard situation.



6.6A General

6.6A.1 Describe the components of the oxygen systems onboard the aircraft, including flight deck and cabin sources.

6.6A.2 Describe when each of the oxygen systems components is used. Include description of use for first aid, decompression and supplemental purposes.

6.6A.3 Identify the location of the components of the oxygen system including the location of O2 masks and spares.

6.6A.4 Describe the crew responsibilities for the oxygen system.

6.6A.5 Identify how the system is activated, duration of oxygen flow and flow rates. Include how to activate flow to each individual mask and ways to verify that oxygen is flowing to an individual mask.

6.6A.6 Identify alternate procedures to access oxygen masks when the system fails.

6.6A.7 Describe the crew communication procedures required to activate the oxygen systems.