6.7 Heating and Ventilation Systems

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the components of the heating and ventilation systems and be able to implement correct procedures relating to these systems.



6.7A General

6.7A.1 Describe the components and operation of the heating and ventilation systems.

6.7A.2 Identify the location of the heating and exhaust vents of which crew members need to be aware.

6.7A.3 Describe the location of the controls and control panels for the heating and ventilation systems, the procedures for use and who is responsible for monitoring them.

6.7A.4 Describe any crew communication and crew coordination procedures when using the heating and ventilation systems.

6.7A.5 Identify conditions that may occur in the cabin associated with the system (e.g. condensation, glycol fumes and residual oil smoke).