7.9 Oxygen Equipment Drill

7.9.1 Equipment Criteria

  1. The equipment shall be identical to that installed in the aircraft with respect to dimensions, appearance, features, controls, charge duration, operation and brackets used for restraint.
  2. The following drill does not need to be completed using each type of portable oxygen bottle installed in the aircraft provided the procedures, brackets, oxygen mask tubing, fittings and the means to activate the oxygen flow are the same from one bottle to the other. Where types differ, the drill shall be repeated with the appropriate equipment.

7.9.2 Portable Oxygen Bottle Performance Criteria

  1. Each trainee shall use each portable oxygen bottle type according to the air operator's procedures and perform the following:
    1. Remove bottle from the bracket, stowage;
    2. Retrieve oxygen mask and hose, attach it to the high and low outlets;
    3. Use the carrying strap;
    4. Prepare the "passenger" for receiving oxygen;
    5. Prepare the cabin for oxygen administration (e.g. no smoking in area);
    6. Turn on the oxygen and test for flow, position and secure the mask to the passenger's face;
    7. Secure the oxygen bottle and position it to monitor the supply; and
    8. Recognize when oxygen is no longer required and apply procedures for shutting off the supply and re-stowing the oxygen mask and bottle.

7.9.3 Fixed First Aid Oxygen Performance Criteria

  1. Each trainee shall perform the following:
    1. Co-ordinate and communicate with crew members as appropriate;
    2. Activate the oxygen system;
    3. Retrieve the mask and hose and attach to the system outlet and adjust for desired flow rate; and
    4. Reset the oxygen system.