8.10 Head/Spinal Injuries

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to define/demonstrate the first aid for head/spinal injuries required to effectively handle miscellaneous conditions in an in-flight emergency situation.


Head/Spinal Injuries
First Aid for Head/Spinal Injuries

8.10A Head/Spinal Injuries

8.10A.1 Describe how to recognize the three types of head/spinal injuries by:

  1. History/mechanism of injury; and
  2. Signs and symptoms.

8.10A.2 Name the injuries that are most commonly associated with head/spinal injuries.

8.10B First Aid for Head/Spinal Injuries

8.10B.1 Describe the first aid for a scalp wound with an underlying fracture of the skull.

8.10B.2 State the principles of first aid for a head/spinal injury.

8.10B.3 Describe the precautions necessary when moving a casualty with a suspected spinal injury within the limitations of an aircraft configuration.

8.10B.4 State the dangers of improper handling of a casualty with head/spinal injuries.

8.10B.5 State why it is important to get immediate medical help for a casualty with head/spinal injuries.